Optec will transform how you manage your equipment and your facility.

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Our just-in-time commercial maintenance solutions offer the following benefits:

Provide continuous awareness of what’s going on at the facility

Constantly scans equipment for service status and emergencies

Eliminate emergency repairs

Catch low cost issues before they become big problems

Pinpoint issues and their causes

Monitoring multiple points per equipment

Replace scheduled maintenance with just-in-time

Repair and service equipment only when it’s needed

Increase energy savings and efficiency

Ensure equipment is operating under ideal parameters

Increase equipment lifespan

Monitor equipment health and conduct just-in-time maintenance

Improve contractor accountability

Know almost immediately if a problem was fixed or not

Give you peace of mind

Reduce downtime, discomfort, extra spending, and staff stress

With Optec, you can ensure that your business, your employees, and your customers can focus on what matters most and leave unnecessary worries behind.

Peace of mind

You’ll know that everything is in order at your business. If something does happen, you’ll receive an alert and will be able to troubleshoot immediately, avoiding greater repair expenses and production delays.

You are in control

You have complete control of everything that happens with your commercial building systems around the clock, from any location. No need to be in the building to constantly monitor their status.

Root Cause Search & Remediation

We help owners find and fix the root causes of operational failures in their facilities. Most customers find us via referral and after they have exhausted options chasing symptoms.

Maintenance & Repairs

With just-in-time maintenance, discover problems early and with our system you can pinpoint them quickly. Only service and maintain what’s necessary.

Once we resolve the issue, we provide our clients with the tools and support to maintain operational excellence and understand their building health at all times, while servicing ongoing maintenance needs throughout the year.

Monitoring & Reporting

Our technology helps us keep an eye on your building 24/7, sending real-time alerts when things need attention, and catching problems before they become more serious.

Optec just-in-time maintenance solutions are a set of comprehensive tools for measuring, detecting, and alerting you to:

HVAC and indoor air quality

Leak detection

Root cause identification

Water consumption

Thermostat control

Disable/Enable equipment remotely

Energy usage

Close main water valve

Notifications of certain actions