Supporting your ESG strategy through maximum data visibility and transparency.

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With Optec, you are in control. Peace of mind means:

More accountability

Avoiding emergencies and unnecessary repairs

Less downtime

Energy savings and efficiency

Kick off or up-level your ESG program with the impartial and integrated data at your fingertips

Many real estate teams looking for quality data collection solutions to support their ESG strategies often arrive at approaches with narrow and cumbersome datasets which results in slow, error-prone and often difficult-to-validate reporting.

We provide commercial property owners with continuous awareness of what goes on across their facilities by tapping into a broad range of systems and data in real-time. This allows us to not only produce highly relevant and verifiable data, but to affect outcomes by helping to ensure that Energy Management and Carbon Reduction goals are met

ESG Strategy Partner

The need to track and report ESG-related data is increasing every day. Having the right energy and water data at an organization’s fingertips is crucial to the success of one’s ESG strategy.

At Optec, we take a holistic and verifiable approach to real estate related ESG data, providing teams a better view of their impact, whether it is to establish benchmarks or work towards their goals.

Commercial Solutions

Are you responsible for ensuring electrical and mechanical equipment at your facility is running seamlessly, and worry about unexpected service interruptions or unplanned expenses?

Optec’s comprehensive solutions save you time and money by giving you full visibility to equipment status, allowing you to avoid unnecessary downtime or emergency repairs.

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Optec’s just-in-time maintenance solutions have helped our customers realize an overall:


increase in asset uptime


reduction in maintenance costs


reduction in emergency repairs


increase in asset life

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